These documents and powerpoints are provided  for you to use in teaching but it is your responsibility to ensure that the information is still up to date.  Please credit the original author.

Handling difficult news 

This video is an introduction to handling difficult news in paediatrics from Dr Richard Hain.  Filmed in 2020 it is based on the teaching delivered in workshops across Wales in 2018 and 2019. 

PPT slides from a similar lecture can be found below.


6 point tool kit & Observation sheet

This sheet can be dowloaded and used in comms skills roleplays or when watching videos. It is based on the cardiff 6 point toolkit and encourages participants to relect on how these tools are used.

Observation sheet

Information about the cardiff 6 point toolkit.

Links to videos for comms skills


                               There are free to view videos on youtube, designed for MRCPCH revision that you

                               could use to discuss with teams if roleplay is not appropriate.

Classmates in the Library

Scenarios for communication skills

Within this file are communication scenarios that were used during workshops.  They can be used with actors or by students roleplaying the part of parents.  They can be adapted to suit the clinical role of the student.


Handling difficult news in paediatrics

This powerpoint from Dr Richard Hain was used in the 2018 workshops and is a brief review of what we may be trying to achieve.


Communications skills ppt

This powerpoint from Dr Sarah Parker was used in the 2019 Ty Gobaith workshops and explores different aspects of communication skills

Education Books Bookshelfs

Relevant papers and guidance.