Suggested outline for PAC plan teaching

Basic PAC plan teaching

Ask students to undertake the ESR before attending

For this introductory session you might want to use one of the powerpoint resources. We would suggest 30-60 minutes for this. Consider the following:-


  1. Thinking about your role with the children, young people and their families; how are you involved in advanced care planning:- Creating them / Using them in practice / Not involved

  2. Thinking about the children, young people and their families can you discuss when there has been an advanced care plan in place how they were: Used / Were they helpful / Were they challenging

  3. Whose role do you think it is to introduce the possibility of advanced care plans with children, young people and their families. Discuss reasons why particular professionals are chosen

Talking through the PAC plan document you should focus on specific aspects, outlined here.

Complex case discussions

Download PAC plan scenarios for discussion ( with facilitator notes)

These scenarios help teams to explore advanced care planning and the PAC plan. We would suggest around an hour for this session assuming that your group are familiar with the general PAC planning principles.


  1. Facilitators should designate one person to present the case and summarise at the feedback session and another person as scribe to record discussions.

  2. Consider any questions or concerns about advanced care planning and the sessions so far. (15mins)

  3. Run through the PAC plan explaining each section.

  4. Read through the case as a group.

  5. Discuss the questions included with the case and work through sections of the case.

  6. Consider how these discussions might be documented/represented within the structure of the PAC plan. (no need to fill it in, the focus is on discussion not role play or filling in the PAC plan exactly)

Prompt sheets are provided for you on key areas along with additional examples of a symptom control module / Wishes module / organ donation module.