These documents and powerpoints are provided  for you to use in teaching but it is your responsibility to ensure that the information is still up to date.  Please credit the original author.



This powerpoint from the 2019 workshop explores the multiagency responce to using a PAC plan. A baby is diagnosed before birth with a severe congenital

abnormality that could be corrected with multiple surgical interventions. (examples are cardiac, renal, neurological)

The team is advised that the family have chosen to follow a palliative care pathway. They

want a home birth (if possible) and to remain at home (if possible )and allow their baby

 a natural death..


Introduction to PAC Plans

This powerpoint from Dr Megumi Baba was used in the 2018 workshops and is a brief outline of what the PAC plan is, what it is not and when to consider using it.


A more in depth look at PAC Plans

This more in depth powerpoint from Dr Jo Griffiths was used in the 2019 North Wales  workshops and is suitable for a more indepth look at Advance care planning


Resources for facilitators including Partially

completed and fictionalised PAC plans


PAC Plans and case study of older child

This  powerpoint from kath MacSorley was used in the 2019 South east Wales  workshops and is includes information about the PAC plan modules and a case description of a 13 year old used for a panel discussion.